1. Experiment in moss.TWISTIN of SWEDEN
  2. Experiment in paper and twigs. TWISTIN of SWEDEN.
  3. Experiments in plastic. Designer Elisabeth Johansson
  4. Experiments. Design Elisabeth Johansson.
  5. We want to stretch the boundaries around weaving and its traditional associations.  This is not just about material and technique, but also about what woven textiles can be used for, once you dare to pull out all the stops.

    A woven cloth is generally viewed as a two-dimensional surface.  We are interested in exploring new textures and three-dimensional structure to broaden both the visual expression and the tactile quality of the material.

  6. Weaving is quite simply the interlacing of two thread systems at right angles to each other.  This can be achieved in an infinite number of ways, a creative process that determines whether the outcome is a light, transparent linen curtain or a design object made from recycled plastic cord.