1. Twistin of Sweden AB was set up in December 2010 by Elisabeth Johansson and Anne Elmdahl.  We have more than 25 years’ experience in the arts and crafts sector.  Our specialism is woven textiles. Today Twistin’ is run by Anne Elmdahl, in collaboration with designer Elisabeth Johansson and weaving company HELENAELISABETH.

    Motivated by a strong commitment to good design and quality, our focus is on unique work and skilled craftsmanship.  We support cultural enterprise in developing growth at local and regional level and are proud of what we exemplify in an otherwise fairly standardized market. 

  2. Being accountable to future generations means we prioritize the environment and sustainability. To weave a textile is to fashion an artwork as well as a functional product.  Promoting handweaving in the commercial market is a wonderful challenge.  Personal expression is a renewable resource.