Batavia Twist

  1. Acoustic blankets Batavia Twist. Handmade. Design Elisabeth Johansson.
  2. Our acoustic textiles or wall coverlets are used as hangings and sound absorbers in bigger spaces, where sound level reduction is required.  They can also perform their traditional function as blankets, wraps or throws.  Our wall coverlets are handmade in the spaced rya (‘glesrya’) technique, which originated in the Närke region of Sweden.  This weave, used to make blankets for a few hundred years, has stood the test of time.

    Material composition:  quality selected wool and linen.  The yarn for the coverlets is produced by Wåhlstedt’s Wool Spinning Mill in Dalarna from selected Swedish Landrace fleece. 

  3. Batavia Twist references a classic formica top design by Sigvard Bernadotte, a Swedish prince. Art director Jonas Linder reworked the design, executed by Elisabeth Johansson.