Paper Cut II

  1. Handmade Paper cuts by Hanna Skagerström
  2. Paper cuts by Hanna Skagerström.
  3. Paper cuts by Hanna Skagerström
  4. Hanna Skagerström works with structure and form in various papers and techniques.

    Skagerström keeps the focus on contrasts of shade and surface.  Simple colouration and contrast are the means by which she creates her graphic expression.  Contrasts can also include opposites, such as asymmetry and symmetry, two- as opposed to three-dimensional, negative versus positive etc.  Her passion is for exactitude in the folding combined with meticulous cutting.  The design feels its way through this process.

  5. These wall papercuts are constructed from squares, to order.  Each is cut by hand from special origami paper.  No design is replicated.  The composition is unique to the moment of creation.